About Blackprint

In the spirit of the Harlem Renaissance, Négritude, and Black Arts Movements, BLACKprint emerges as a small independent press devoted to giving Black artists a platform through which to tell our own stories in a publishing climate that continues to marginalize everyday Black realities in favor of stereotyped and sensationalized ones.

As a publisher of non-fiction projects, our publishing program emphasizes illustrative works that are documentary in nature (“bookumentary”) to better illuminate the depth, breadth, and complexity of Black experiences. Our books interweave written narratives with visual ones, a way of showing our stories that facilitates the telling of our stories. Building upon the legacies of greats such as Gordon Parks, Malick Sidibé, Deborah Willis, and Jamel Shabazz, we are committed to providing high-quality, aesthetically captivating books that not only archive but enliven a visual record of our generation, a mirror of our times.

BLACKprint celebrates and champions the beauty and brilliance of Black culture.